July 25, 2024

Sabi, Nectar Fresh, Meadow Foods Partner to Tackle Agriculture Supply Chain Challenges in Oyo State Forest Reserve

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Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State

A new partnership between Sabi, the $1 billion GMV B2B e-commerce platform, and Nigerian agricultural companies Nectar Fresh Limited and Meadow Foods, has been established with the support of the Nigerian government to address the ongoing supply chain and development challenges in Nigeria’s agricultural sector.

The Oyo State Aggregation initiative aims to create a reliable supply chain of various premium crops, including 30,000 MT of cashew nuts and 10,000 MT of shea nuts. The partnership will create jobs and drive economic growth in the small communities of Saki, Otiki, and Agbugudu, while exploring new regions in the Opara Forest. The project spans a vast 250,000-hectare forest and leverages advanced drone technology to ensure full exploration and sustainable resource management.

This initiative also heralds a new era of responsible agricultural production, integrating access, technology, and innovation to ensure continued access to the forest reserves while investing in and developing the local communities. Between them, the three companies will invest more than ₦52 million over the next year.

Under Sabi’s leadership, the partnership will provide the necessary financial, operational, and infrastructural contributions to ensure partners and community members are well supported. A centralized warehouse in Saki will be built to provide quality storage for export-ready commodities.
“This initiative marks a significant step towards creating a more reliable and community-focused agricultural supply chain in Nigeria,” said Ademola Adesina, president and co-founder of Sabi. “By empowering small farmers and providing them with the resources and market access they need, we are fostering economic growth and community development in Oyo State.”

Meadow Foods, the local subsidiary of Dutch parent Acrosstrades, will play a pivotal role in project development and management, quality assurance, and technology integration on the ground. This logistical work is critical at a time when the agricultural industry in Nigeria strives to close supply chain gaps contributing to shortages.

“Maintaining high standards for processing and compliance is crucial for the success of this project,” said Israel Omidosu, co-founder, Meadow Foods & Acrosstrades. “We are excited to bring our expertise to the table and contribute to a more efficient and reliable supply chain for Oyo State’s agricultural products and Nigerian agricultural exports.”

Nectar Fresh will take the lead with community leaders of the Opara Forest to ensure access to and development of farmers and their crops. The community work will be essential to project success, especially in supporting a commercial environment that will make it easier for small farmers to thrive and compete. The Oyo State Aggregation Project will create job opportunities for at least 350 people by December.

“We are committed to ensuring that small farmers have the support and access necessary to thrive,” said Soji Ogundoyin, ceo, Nectar Fresh. “Our engagement with community leaders will be key to the success of this project, and we look forward to working closely with them and to creating new avenues for commercialization and market access.”

Last Friday, the Ministry of Environment & Water of Nigeria granted the project license to Sabi, marking the official start of this transformative initiative.


Sabi applies global reach and local insights to transform supply chains transparently, ethically, and responsibly. A leading B2B e-commerce platform in Africa with a GMV of $1 billion, Sabi connects African informal markets with each other and the rest of the world. Sabi’s innovative marketplace technology provides the best platform for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and commodities in frontier markets.

Nectar Fresh Limited:

Nectar Fresh Limited specializes in providing market access and support to small farmers, promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

Meadow Foods:

Meadow Foods operates agricultural centers around Nigeria and ensures compliance with industry standards, contributing to a reliable agricultural supply chain. Meadow Foods is a subsidiary of Dutch company Acrosstrades, which specializes in facilitating market access to small farmers around the world.

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