June 13, 2024

Yomi Fabiyi Say No Domestic Violence…you don’t hurt what you love

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By Oluwadamilare Daniels

Nigerian popular actor, Yomi Fabiyi as said that, it is only when you physically assault your partner, particularly a man beating a woman you lay with that I will suggest immediate separation. Beating your lover turns me off. I have never beg a woman whose husband or fiancé beats to reconcile. It’s not my thing. I don’t fancy such men(even most claim they got provoked). Hear me out. My reasons are:

The human right activist also said, that first, you don’t hurt what you love; secondly, the easiest way to find yourself in body bags is domestic violence with partners. Thirdly, if kids are involved, it will destroy them. It is serious abuse. Only a small fraction of such children will grow not to believe violence, torture, etc, are means of solving issues. Fourth, even if you are not caught, your hands will stain with blood, and you are a murderer if you fight/beat to death.

I would rather prefer you involve the Police immediately if you think your wife or girlfriend exhibits traces of violence or provoking you to turn violent. Self-control is key. Anger is controllable. Just act lawfully before you become a criminal. Don’t give that partner the chance to provoke you that you turn into a beast or woman beater.

If you indulge violence and think involving the police is extreme, the moment you start trying to defend yourself and things go south, then you will realize the Police will involve you, prison will embrace you and the very people you are considering will turn their back on you.

Violence will never produce love. Most lovers who make up after violence are hoodwinked, motivated, or controlled by something else but definitely not love. Love, don’t stay where it is tolerated. Love, don’t grow where it hurts.

Marriage is not for everybody. Only a few go through proper home training lately. Most parents are on social media than in the lives of their children and teenagers. These wards, too, are on several toxic and criminal blogs every minute they are awake. These blogs raise and mentor these kids. The percentage you invest in raising your child will be commensurate to how you benefit from the same child.


YomiFabiyi a.k.a Araba

Convener, Break The Silence Foundation (Human Rights NGO Est 2018).

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