June 13, 2024

SMART CHOICE : Why Mikano Motors Partnered with Changan

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Changan, the leading Chinese vehicle brand, has found a home in Nigeria, and a comfortable one, for that matter. Fast-rising and leading automobile dealership, Mikano Motors, has given Changan, with its fascinating models, a warm embrace. The country’s automobile market, therefore, has no problems, whatsoever, in putting this beautiful brand on a good rating with the way Nigerians are craving for it.

A random sample on the major roads in  Lagos, Nigeria’s social hub and commercial centre, as well as Abuja, the nation’s capital, clearly shows that, indeed, Nigerians have really fallen in love with this beautiful Chinese vehicle brand with its various  models already available in the local market.

From the exotic and luxury-class models such as the CHANGAN CS55 Plus to the mid-size SUVs and entry-level sedans and passenger cars, as well as the Changan pick-up for the commercial segment of the market, Nigerians are loving them all. Tested for its reliability for several months, especially for its suitability for the Nigerian roads, it is interesting to note,  but not surprising, that the Changan brand has already made the top list of nominees for the prestigious Nigeria’s Car of the Year (COTY) for 2023 at the annual automobile awards being organised by Nigeria Auto Journalists Association (NAJA).

This is clearly unprecedented as it is happening just within the short period the brand has landed on Mikano Motors’ product line-up as its sole distributor for Nigeria,

Stakeholders and observers of the emerging trend and popularity of the Changan models in Nigeria are unanimous in their opinion that Mikano Motors has, indeed, made not only the right choice but a smart one, too, with Changan.

Managing Director of Mikano Motors, Ralph Haidar, quite agrees with this as he explained that the decision to take over the Changan franchise  in Nigeria was not unconnected with Mikano Motors’ efforts at expanding its operations, and also to avail Nigerians the opportunities to get a wide range of state-of-the-art vehicles at affordable prices.

Mikano, according to Haidar,  has future plans to bring in more brands to complement the existing line-up in order to grow its market share within the automotive market and provide Nigerians with premium and diverse options when selecting vehicles.

He maintained that Mikano Motors took on Changan because of its versatility and the latest technology it offers as well as its arrays of models that it has placed under Mikano Motors in Nigeria.

“Changan, which is the number one selling auto brands in the Middle East and the biggest export from China to Nigeria, has given us more models to market here Nigeria. This means we have a diverse range of models from this top Chinese automaker to offer Nigerians.

“It is the best brand in the Middle East and other regions, and has outstanding service in safety and innovation from its competitors.  Changan is one of the top Chinese auto brands that is gaining immense popularity worldwide and is known for its value offering across automotive segments.

“In the Chinese language, CHANG means ‘lasting’ and AN means ‘safety.’ Therefore, CHANGAN together represents the idea of “Lasting Safety”. It is one of the top four Automobile groups in China and the top selling domestic Chinese automobile brand.

“Changan has a different range of models for various levels of customers, and robust financing agreements with banks that will make ownership of the cars smooth. It is currently the only brand in Nigeria that can cater for any organization or governmental body and or individual who wishes to buy a brand new, efficient, safe, stylish and affordable car that has earned the admiration of many customers internationally,” Haidar stated.

Bringing its over two years experience in the auto business in Nigeria to bear in pushing Changan into the market , Mikano continues to redefine the sector with its quality products and, after-sales back- up, making each of the brands the brands it represents, the most sought-after in the market presently just as its entry has also trigger stiffer competition in the industry as well as in the standards of vehicles.

Meanwhile, Mikano Motors has reassured its Geely customers of continued state-of-the-art after-sales support despite the review its relationship with Geely is currently undergoing following the addition of the Changan brand to its growing products line-up.

Haidar, however, maintained that though the three- year-long Mikano- Geely relationship is undergoing some reviews,  existing Geely customers would continue to enjoy adequate after-sales service from Mikano.

Just recently, Mikano Motors was honoured by The Association and Allied Services Group of The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry with an appreciation award for its valued contributions and sponsorship at the LCCI Automobile Group Annual Symposium 2023. This award is a testament to the dedication of Mikano’s team and its commitment to supporting the business community in Lagos.

Responding to the latest award, Mikano Motors said in a statement: “We are proud to be a part of such a vibrant and dynamic city, and we are committed to continuing to make a positive impact.’’

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